Saga of EWH

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To the best of my recollection these sketches are from notes that I took during a seminar on archaeological terminology sometime in the 1950's. Unfortunately all of the other individuals in the group with whom I could check this information are now deceased. It consisted of Emil Haury, Ned Danson, Terah Smiley, Charles DiPeso, Alan Olson, Rex Christiansen, and myself. I believe that all of the information came directly from Dr. Haury and I took it down as he spoke.

Editor's note: Carol Gifford, who worked for many years with Emil Haury until his death in 1992, recalls that the three pages of sketches were redrawn by Barton Wright at the request of Frances Slutes, Haury's secretary, in 1952, so that Haury could have a personal copy.

1-2. EWH spends the summer of 1925 working with Byron Cummings at Cuicuilco, southeast of Mexico City. See "Cuicuilco Diary," this issue.

3. Junior year (1925-1926) at the University of Arizona studying archaeology.

4. Summer of 1926 surveying prehistoric irrigation canals south of Phoenix.

5. Senior year (1926-1927) at the University of Arizona, receives B.A., June 1927.

6-11. Summer of 1927 surveying and excavating in the Four Corners region of Arizona. See "Diary of the U of A Archaeological Expedition," this issue. Numbers 7-9 denote horseback trip to Betatakin and Keet Seel Ruins; 10-11 illlustrate his excavations at Vandal and Painted Caves.

12. First Pecos Conference at Pecos, New Mexico; late August 1927.

13. Receives Masters Degree from University of Arizona, June 1928.

14. First meeting with Harold Gladwin, founder of Gila Pueblo, Globe, Arizona. Others in sketch Clara Lee Fraps (Tanner) and Florence Hawley, fellow recipients of the first M.A. degrees in archaeology awarded by the University of Arizona.

15. Marries Hulda Esther Penner, June 7, 1928.

16. Excavations at Turkey Hill Ruin, near Flagstaff, Arizona; July-August 1928.

17. Teaches Introductory Archaeology and Archaeology of the Southwest at the University of Arizona, 1928-29 school year.

18-19. Works on tree ring dating with A.E. Douglass; June 1929 excavates Show Low (Whipple) Ruin.

20-21. Writes Show Low (Whipple) Report and continues working with Douglass.

22. Takes U.S. Civil Service exam qualifying him for job offer to work at the U.S. National Museum, Washington D.C. Has three other employment possibilities--to continue working for Douglass, work with Cummings or with Gladwin at Gila Pueblo. He chose Gila Pueblo. …