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University of Hawai'i National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC)

Michigan State University Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR)

University of Hawai'i National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC)

The University of Hawai'i National Foreign Language Resource Center engages in research and materials development projects and conducts Summer Institutes for language professionals among its many activities.


Designing Effective Foreign Language Placement Tests (June 20 - July 1, 2005)

In this 2-week Summer Institute workshop, participants will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of creating sound language tests, with a particular emphasis on designing tests to facilitate placement decisions. In the morning, participants will be introduced to various testing concepts in a clear and non-threatening manner. No previous statistical or measurement knowledge is assumed. Discussions of "real world" issues and problems from the participants' home institutions are welcome. In the afternoon, participants will get hands-on practice creating test items and analyzing test results. The use of commonly available computer programs (e.g., Excel) to facilitate test analysis will be highlighted. Participants are encouraged to bring data sets from their program's placement tests to practice setting up, analyzing, and interpreting their data. This workshop is aimed at foreign language teaching professionals with placement testing responsibilities who feel they have had limited training and experience in language testing concepts.

Japanese for Non-Native Teachers (August 8-19, 2005)

This Summer Institute workshop serves as an online professional development opportunity for nonnative-speaking teachers of Japanese language at the K-16 level. It is a 2-week intensive online language course in Japanese reading and writing especially for teachers who have learned Japanese as a foreign language. The intensive course, delivered entirely over the World Wide Web employing authentic language texts, focuses on the development and maintenance of communicative language skills at the Advanced Low ACTFL proficiency level, with a strong emphasis on written communication meeting high standards of literacy. The workshop, team taught by two native speaking instructors, is offered free of charge to eligible participants.


NFLRC announces two Filipino (Tagalog) publications in 2004, both by Teresita V. Ramos. The first, Pakinggan At Unawain: Comprehending Intermediate Filipino (two-DVD set) focuses on watching while listening to promote understanding and to make learning Filipino a lively and engaging experience.

The second publication by Dr. Ramos is a re-issue of a text originally developed in 1988. Tagalog for Health Care Providers is aimed at nurses, social workers, and public health professionals.

Tim Murphey returned to Hawai'i in September to videotape the fifth in his series of teaching technique videos, Juggling with Language Learning Theories. …