The Zellner Thesis Award in Business and Economic Statistics

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2005 Zellner Award Competition

The Business and Economics Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association announces the competition for the 2005 Zellner Thesis Award. The award is named for Arnold Zellner, past Chair of the Business and Economics Statistics Section, past President of the American Statistical Association, and founding editor of the Journal of Business & Economics Statistics (JBES). The award is for the best Ph.D. thesis dealing with an applied problem in Business and Economic Statistics. It is intended to recognize outstanding work by promising young researchers in the field. The winner of the award, which consists of a $1,000 cash prize, is announced at the Annual ASA Meeting in August. A portion of the winning thesis is eligible for publication in the JBES.


The range of topics is quite broad and includes, among others, applied problems in forecasting, seasonal adjustment, data quality, empirical finance, policy evaluation, and empirical economics. Theses in the areas of computation, simulation and graphics are eligible as long as the research is of direct interest to applied workers.


The sponsor is the Business and Economic Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association under the auspices of JBES. The 2005 Section Chair is Thomas S. Shively of the University of Texas at Austin. The editor of JBES is Torben G. Andersen of Northwestern University.


Review standards place substantial weight on research with significant results, high quality methodological work, substantial empirical content, and good exposition. The research should be of immediate and practical value for applications in business and economic statistics.

Deadline: March 31, 2005


Theses are eligible for the Zellner Award if they have been completed in the preceding two years (January 2003-December 2004) and have not previously been considered for the Award.

Awards Committee

The editor of JBES convenes the Awards Committee in consultation with the current Section Chair and the Chair-Elect to form the Awards Committee from the Section Membership and Editorial Board of the JBES.

Nomination Procedure

Any individual may nominate a thesis. All members of the general business statistics and econometrics community are encouraged to submit theses. Submit two unbound copies, one to each of the addresses below:

Torben G. Andersen

Editor, JBES

Department of Finance

Kellogg School of Management

2001 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL 60208-2001

Thomas S. Shively

2005 Chair

Business and Economic Statistics Section

MSIS Department

McCombs School of Business

University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX 78712

More information on the Zellner award can be found on the B&E section website at bus_econ/zellner.html or by contacting the editor of the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics at the e-mail address Many of the winning theses and links or references to papers derived from the theses are available from the webpage.

Past Zellner Awards Winners

2004--Winner: Francesca Molinari, Northwestern University thesis, "Contaminated, Corrupted and Missing Data. …