Mona Badra El Din Magzouh Abdel Magid (2004). the Image of the Role of Women in Mass Media

Article excerpt

Mona Badra El Din Magzouh Abdel Magid (2004). The Image of the Role of Women in Mass Media. B.Sc. Honors Dissertation, School of Psychology and Pre-School Education, Ahfad University for Women.

This study dealt with the role of women in Mass Media. That is Television, Radio, Magazines, News Papers, Cinema, and all sorts of writings. The study showed that the mass media in Arab Countries does not show the real and positive image of women as citizens, and human beings . But it reflects only the image of women as females, and as attractive and enjoyable bodies for men. It full neglects the role of women, as citizens, mothers, sisters and human beings, who are productive and can participates in their countries development.

This untruthful image does not help to solve the women problems in the society, but led to the neglect ion of women's rights and issues.

Women also does not get real chances to deal with their issues in Media, or to make use of Media to reflect the real image of the women's role. This also reflects the sort at policy and ideology which are leading in the society. It also reflects how Islam is misused to neglects the women's real role in the society and to stand against the emancipation of women.

The problem of the mistaken image of women in Mass Media is still existing although the women movement and leading organizations have played an excessive positive role to focus on women's problem, and to achieve their rights, as citizen equal to men and as mothers.

Also the women movement in "Arab countries and in the Sudan have lead an efficient long straggle to emancipate women from illiteracy, backwardness, and to achieve their full rights as citizens and human beings.

So to change the faculty image of women in Mass Media this study aims to get more information about the participation of women in Media and to evaluate the image of women in Mass Media in Arab Countries and the Sudan. Also the study meant to state the real role of those who are leading mass media workers to change the faculty image of women in Media.

The research revealed that all mass media which is television, radio, magazines, news papers, cinema, beside lectures, talks, and discussion circles, are all involved in making the mistaken image at the role of women. That happens as the mass media reflects the ideology of certain forces in the society. …