Editor's Foreword / Avant-Propos Du Directeur

Article excerpt

It is with great pleasure that I present a new issue of CJLACS, the first under my editorship. I must nonetheless point out that this current issue is in part the result of Judith Adler Hellman's efforts. As the Editor of the Journal from 2001 to 2004, Judith Adler Hellman presided over the selection process of the five papers we include in this non-thematic issue. I would like to underline the exceptional quality of Professor Hellman's work during her three-year term. We are immensely proud to see our Journal now ranking among the most important Latin American and Caribbean studies periodicals in North America. I would also like to note that the book reviews published in this issue were produced under the responsibility of Professor Patricia Chuchryk. During Professor Chuchryk's tenure as the CJLACS Book Review Editor she worked rigorously, pertinently, and independently to ensure that our readers got first-rate reviews on relevant topics. Now that Professor Viviana Patroni has taken over the book review editorship, I want to express the deep gratitude of the CALACS Board to Professor Chuchryk. I am sure that Professor Patroni will maintain the same high standards that our readers have come to expect from our Journal. I thank her for accepting this challenge.

Besides the obvious practical repercussions, there is a symbolic dimension to the Journal's move from Toronto to Montreal. Its pan-Canadian reach should be reinforced through a greater presence of French-language content, although it is certainly not our intention to try to attain some sort of perfect bilingualism. Our criteria, namely the quality of the research, the originality of the contribution, and the interdisciplinary nature of the approach will remain exactly the same. However, we will look to increase our readership and institutional subscriptions in Quebec and Europe by seeking a larger number of submissions in French.

Our Journal stands out when compared to those published in the United States because of its multilingual character. This is not solely the result of our commitment to pay heed to both Canadian official languages, as our Journal has always been open to papers written in the two other main hemispheric languages: Spanish and Portuguese. This issue is a perfect example of our multilingual stance: you will find in it two papers in English, two in French, and one in Spanish. The next issue will focus on Brazil, and we expect to include some material in Portuguese. In the future, we will also make a particular effort to reflect this language diversity in our Book Review section.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration to Matilde Marin, the Argentine artist whose photograph we have printed on this issue's cover. Her work has been shown in art galleries in Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States. She has received major awards at the Cuenca International Biennial (Ecuador) and the Puerto Rico Latin American Biennial. Ms. Marin's art deals with memory and technology.

Bien que ce numero constitue le premier a voir le jour sous ma direction, il est en partie le resultat des efforts de Judith Adler Hellman, Directrice de la Revue de 2001 a 2004. …