Michigan State University Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR)

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CLEAR's mission is to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the United States. Projects focus on materials development, professional development training, and foreign language research.


The Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University is offering several low-cost summer professional development workshops in July. These workshops offer hands-on experience and concrete ideas for language teachers, and are appropriate for foreign language teachers as well as ESL teachers.

CLEAR has been offering workshops since 1997, and foreign language teachers from all over the country have come to East Lansing to attend them. The workshops offered this year cover a wide range of topics, appropriate as "refreshers" for experienced teachers or as reinforcement on topics in language teaching for newer and pre-service teachers.

Each workshop is three full days, and there are discounts for those attending multiple workshops.

Full descriptions, dates, pricing information, and workshop applications are available here.

An Online Language Portfolio Approach to the Development of Speaking and Listening Proficiency July 9-11, 2009

Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning: Introductory Techniques July 13-15, 2009

Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning: Advanced Techniques July 16-18, 2009

The Second "C": Culture Teaching in the Language Classroom July 20-22, 2009

Teaching Writing in the Foreign Language Classroom July 23-25, 2009

Revisiting, Reinventing, and Restarting a Language Program: A Step-by-Step Approach July 27-29, 2009


Selected Products

The list below comprises just some of our free and low-cost materials for language educators. Be sure to visit our Web site occasionally for updates and announcements on new products: http://clear.msu.edu.

* CLEAR's Rich Internet Applications initiative has been underway for over a year. RIA is a research and development lab where our programmers are working on free tools that language teachers can use to create online language teaching materials--or have their students create activities themselves! …