ARSC Journal Highlights 1968-2009

Article excerpt

1968 Vol. 1:1. Report on First Annual Conference

Vol. 1:2/3. ARSC Education and Standards Committee's report on acquisition standards for sound recordings and making recordings available for use.

1969 Vol. 2:1. William H. Seltsam (1897-1968); Peter Hugh Reed (1892-1969); Rerecording standards for phonograph records; Ownership and copyright of sound recordings.

1970 Vol. 2:2/3. Report on National Program Archives in Canada; Here are the Materials--Where are the Scholars?

1971 Vol. 3:1. Hunting for the American White Spiritual, A Survey of Scholarship with Discography; Vernon Dalhart, His Rural Roots and the Beginnings of Commercial Country Music.

Vol. 3:2/3. Hugh Peter Court (1920-1972); Adventures in Edisonia; Edison Disc Sales Figures through February 1920.

1972 Vol. 4:1/2/3. A.F.R. Lawrence (1922-1972); Copyright and Sound Recordings; Status of Historical Radio Broadcast Collections in the U.S.; The Carnegie Music Set; Music Machines at the Smithsonian; The Times as Reflected in Victor Black Label Military Band Recordings 1900-1927, Part I; Discography--Hans Rosebud; Edison Phonograph; book reviews; Historische Aufnahmen; On Record.

1973 Vol. 5:1. A University Course in Historical Sound Recordings; Arturo Toscanini Society; Discography--Edgard Varese; book reviews; On Record; Inquiries.

Vol. 5:2/3. Recordings of FDR; United Nations Sound Recordings Collection; Index to Commercial Spoken Word Recordings in the Library of Congress; book review; Historische Aufnahmen; On Record.

1974 Vol. 6:1. Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph; Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings; Discography--Music of Leonard Bernstein; Historische Aufnahmen; On Record.

Vol. 6:2 Documentary Recordings in Ethnomusicology; Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound; Bibliography of Discographies, 1973; Historische Aufnahmen; On Record.

1975 Vol. 6:3. Walter C. Allen (d. 1974); Oral History in Britain; Oral History Centres in Britain and Ireland; Bibliography of Discographies--1972; record reviews; On Record.

Vol. 7:1/2. The Phonograph Movies; Collectors, Catalogs and Librarians; Discography--"World's Greatest Music" and "World's Greatest Opera" series; Bibliography of Discographies--1974, and additions/corrections 1972-74; Historische Aufnahmen; book and record reviews; On Record.

1976 Vol. 7:3. Rise and Fall of the Edison Speaking Phonograph Co., 1877-1880; Use of Recordings in Establishing Performance Practices for 19th/20th Century Organ Music; Standards for the Review of Discographic Works; book reviews.

Vol. 8:1. The Times as Reflected in Victor Black Label Military Band Recordings 1900-1927, Part 2; Observations on the Conducting of Richard Strauss; Historical Transcriptions; Discography--Elliot Carter; book and record reviews.

Vol. 8:2/3. Record Reissues--An American Perspective; Interview with John Pfeiffer, RCA Records; Bibliography of Discographies--1975; Discography--William Schuman; Historische Aufnahmen; book and record reviews; On Record.

1977 Vol. 9:1. Goddard Lieberson (1911-1977); Discography--Richard Strauss' Recordings; Unresolved Problems about Karl Muck's Recordings; Discography--Karl Muck; Historische Aufnahmen; book and record reviews; On Record.

Vol. 9:2/3. Bibliography on Storage, Care, and Preservation of Sound Recordings; Museum of Broadcasting; AAA Cataloging Project; Historische Aufnahmen; record reviews; For the Record.

1978 Vol. 10:1. Columbia Records in the 1890s; Sound Recording Periodicals--A Preliminary Union Catalog; Historische Aufnahmen; book and record reviews; For the Record.

Vol. 10:2/3. Bibliography of Discographies--1976; Preliminary Bibliography of Published Basic Sources Materials and Guide to Dates of Recording for Pre-LP Classical Music and Spoken Word Sound Recordings; Discography--Anna Case; Discography--Ferruccio Busoni; Discography--Soloman; Supplement, Richard Strauss' Recordings; ARSC Journal Index, 1968-78; Historische Aufnahmen; book and record reviews; Current Bibliography; For the Record. …