NBER Meeting on Agricultural Economics and Biofuels

Article excerpt

Former NBER Director Jeffrey M. Perloff of the University of California, Berkeley, organized a meeting on Agricultural Economics and Biofuels, which took place in Cambridge on March 4 and 5, 2010. These papers were discussed:

* John Beghin, Iowa State University and INRA France; and Anne-Celia Disdier and Stephan Marette, INRA France and AgroParisTech, "The Economics and Potential Protectionism of Food Safety Standards and Inspections: An Application to the U.S. Shrimp Market"

* Rachel E. Goodhue, University of California, Davis, and Carlo Russo, Universita di Cassino, "Modeling Processor Market Power and the Incidence of Agricultural Policy: An Exploratory Approach to the Behavioral Model Selection Process"

* Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University; Ashok K. Mishra, Louisiana State University, and Francois OrtaloMagne, University of Wisconsin, "The Buck Stops Where? The Distribution of Agricultural Subsidies"

* Jeffrey T. LaFrance, Washington State University; Rulon Pope, Brigham Young University; and Jesse Tack, Mississippi State University, "Risk Response in Agriculture"

* Bruce A. Babcock, Iowa State University, "The Politics and Economics of the U. …