Michigan State University Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR)

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CLEAR's mission is to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the United States. Projects focus on materials development, professional development training, and foreign language research.

CLEAR has been awarded funding for the Language Resource Centers' 2010-14 funding cycle. We look forward to this fifth cycle and to continuing our service to the language education community. In addition, we are very pleased to continue our co-sponsorship of LLT along with our partners.


CLEAR exhibits at local and national conferences year-round. We hope to see you at ACTFL, CALICO, MIWLA, Central States, and other conferences.


CLEAR News is a free biyearly publication covering FL teaching techniques, research, and materials.

Download PDFs of back issues and subscribe at http://clear.msu.edu/clear/newsletter/.


CLEAR will be developing several new products during our new funding cycle. Check our Web site for updates on new products and services. Some of our upcoming projects include:

* Professional development webinars on diverse topics

* Online videos for language teaching techniques

* Online listening and speaking tests for LCTLs

* Applications for language learning on mobile devices

* Introductory Business Chinese CD-ROM


Watch our Web site for the announcement of our summer 2011 workshops. New titles will be posted in mid-October. http://clear.msu.edu/clear/professionaldev/summerworkshops.php.

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

The Center for Applied Linguistics is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes and improves the teaching and learning of languages, identifies and solves problems related to language and culture, and serves as a resource for information about language and culture. CAL carries out a wide range of activities in the fields of English as a second language, foreign languages, cultural education, and linguistics.

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