In Memoriam: Celebrating the Legacy of Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy

Article excerpt

As the "Lion of the Senate," Edward M. Kennedy dedicated his life to fighting for those in need. Indeed, his work on civil rights, education, immigration reform, labor, and health care has touched the lives of countless Latinos across America.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Senator Kennedy's passion for fairness informed his efforts to strengthen the legal immigration system. His first legislative victory was the Immigration Act of 1965, which replaced the national origin quota system with a system of priority based on skills and family relationships. Since then, he successfully helped to obtain legal status for undocumented workers, addressed discrimination of immigrant laborers, and helped increase family immigration. More recently, Senator Kennedy introduced a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill to fix the nation's broken immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for immigrants working in the country.

Fairness has also been central to Senator Kennedy's work in civil rights, education, health care, and labor. As a member of the Judiciary Committee in 1982, he sponsored the Voting Rights Act Amendment, leading to a significant increase in minority representation nationwide. …