From the Editor-in-Chief

Article excerpt

This issue contains five articles that address technology discontinuity, body modifications, corporate governance in emerging markets, China's textile and apparel industry, and humor in the workplace.

Babarinsa, in the first article, explains how advances in technology and global competitiveness can cause some organizations to fail while helping others to prosper. To cope with technology discontinuity, alliances among corporations can provide an avenue to sustainable competitive advantage.

In the second article, Elzweig and Peeples examine the legal aspects of tattoos and piercings with respect to hiring and employment decisions. They maintain that discrimination in employments decisions is not necessarily illegal when it comes to tattooing and piercing. They point out that while tattooing and piercing are not popular with the overall population, they have increased and continue to rise. Examples provided to show how the courts viewed different situations, should be of great interest to managers.

Okpara and Wynn, in the third article, report the findings of a study of corporate governance in a sample of Nigerian companies. They maintain that, like most developing countries, consistent and even-handed enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations regarding corporate governance are lacking. The study used a questionnaire to collect the data mainly from a sample of firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Market.

In the fourth article, McCann advises that "the strategy of the Chinese government has been to create a textile and apparel sector that no other nation can compete in. …