What's Good for Members Is Good for YALSA: Introducing YALSA's Board Fellow Program

Article excerpt

Have you ever thought you had a lot more to give to YALSA then you were giving already? Did you then wonder if the best way to support the association might be in a leadership position, say, on the YALSA board? Have you wondered what being on the YALSA board is all about? Have you felt the need to know more about how associations work.? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then the YALSA Board Fellow Program may be just right for you.

Until Annual Conference 2011, the only way YALSA members could serve on the YALSA board was by being appointed as chair of either the Strategic Planning or the Organization and Bylaws Committee; or by being placed on the YALSA ballot (by going through the nominations procedure facilitated by YALSA's Governance Nominating Committee) and winning an election. The new YALSA Board Fellow Program provides a new option for those interested in board service.

Each year, one applicant will be selected as the YALSA Board Fellow. As a fellow, the selected association member will participate in all activities of the YALSA board for a one-year period, starting at the end of the Annual Conference of the year in which they are selected. Although a nonvoting member of the board, the fellow will be involved in the work of the board by"

* Attending and being actively engaged in all board meetings (including Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting) and discussions, both face-to-face and virtual

* Taking part in training specifically geared to YALSA Board Members

* Participating in ad hoc committees of the board as appropriate to the Fellow's experience and skills

* Using social media--such as YALSA blogs, Twitter, and Facebook--to let others know about life as a board fellow

* Helping YALSA evaluate the work of the board and the board fellow program by taking part in an end-of-the-year evaluation

* Always bringing their ideas, knowledge, and skills to whatever board activity needs them

A variety of YALSA members interested in learning about board leadership service are eligible to be appointed as a board fellow. …