World War II at Sea: An Encyclopedia

Article excerpt

World War II at Sea: An Encyclopedia. Ed. by Spencer C. Tucker. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-Clio, 2011. 2 vols. acid free $189 (ISBN 978-1-59884-457-3). E-book available (978-1-59884-458-0), call for pricing.

It is hard to believe that a work like this has not existed before. What Spencer Tucker has accomplished with his latest effort is to assemble information on the subject of United States Naval history during World War II in a two-volume set encyclopedia.

What sets this encyclopedia apart from all others that cover World War II and the Navy is that it is the only work of its kind to focus specifically on all characteristics of naval service during World War II. Similar items focus on specific types of vessels such as: Cruisers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia (M. J. Whitley, 2004), Destroyers of World War II: An International Encyclopedia (M. J. Whitley, 2000), and American Cruisers of W.W. II: A Pictorial History (Steve Ewing, 1985). While Fight for the Sea: Naval Adventures from World War II (Turner, 2002) covers the British Royal Navy perspective.

A brief review of the A-Z entries shows that the encyclopedia consists of influential people, places, ships, battles, operations, campaigns, and miscellaneous entries. An example of the entries include the following: "Adriatic, Naval Operations in," "Bismarck, Sortie and Sinking of (March 2-5, 1943)," "Iwo Jima, Invasion of," "Nimitz, Chester William (1885-1966), "Hospital Ships," "Human Torpedoes," "Gibraltar," and "Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES). …