Subjects Study on Rural Eco-Soft Power Construction

Article excerpt

The enhancement of the eco-soft power has become the application and sublimation of fully implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development of Building a Harmonious Society. The countryside has been the base of China's economy and society, the whole society's eco-soft power can not exist without the rural ecological soft power, and only when the rural eco-soft power of construction has accomplished substantiate effects can the whole society's eco-soft power to surn up a fundamental change as well as a qualitative breakthrough. As the main force of the rural eco-soft power construction, in addition to playing the government's role of macroeconomic regulation and governance function, corporate role of "self-discipline" and "law-regulation", attaching great importance to the ecological functions of the rapid development of farmers' cooperative organizations is highly needed that the concept of eco-soft power can be implemented among the rural businesses families and individuals.


Eco-soft power is the sum of spiritual achievements that human beings follow the objective law of harmonious development of the human himself, nature, society, which will enable human society generating a fundamental shift. The eco-soft power construction does not only means abandoning the production of the materialism of the era and way of life in industrial civilization, stepping toward the sustainable development model of moderate consumption, but also means the transformation of ethical values, a transformation from only admitting mankind is the main force, human value and the total unification of humanity and ecology. Therefore, the connotation of the eco-soft power of the rural construction should include achieving rural production, lifestyle, especially the concept of ecological transition of farmers. Creating the model of sustainable development of coordination between rural economy and social resources and the environment; creating the village civilization that economic activities and ecological environment co-exist and humans the nature are compatible with each other. The rural eco-soft power should be a comprehensive achievement of civilization, based on the material achievements obtained by improving and optimizing the agricultural production methods and the life style in rural areas. Such as improvements and optimization of rural health, rural roads and other infrastructure, scientific and reasonable arrangement of the rural cottage, improved agricultural production methods, and optimization, etc.; reflected spiritual achievements of the soft power of ecology, such as the production and enhance of farmer's ecological concepts and awareness, improvement and enhancement of farmer's mental outlook, the rural ecological and cultural formation and development in a degree. Therefore, the rural eco-soft power construction concerns every household in the village. And villagers should be the main force of soft power of the rural ecological development. It is unrealistic to discuss the construction of the rural eco-soft power without the farmer's active participation in it, the construction of the rural ecological soft power should adhere to the principle of democratization, playing farmers' cooperative efforts, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the masses into this construction.


At present, the government plays a major role and carries out the most of responsibility in the construction of the rural eco-soft power, environmental policies, laws and regulations have been carried out, strengthening the rural development planning, achieving some goals in practice, and some improvements in the rural ecological environment. But, in overall, rural areas are still the weakest point in the chains of environmental protection in China, industrial pollution, ecological damage, range and extent continue to expand and deteriorate under the joint action of domestic pollution and agricultural pollution, and rural pollution accounted for half of the National Pollution as a total. …