Using Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) for Effective Teaching of Social Studies

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Throughout the world, many countries have introduced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into schools via different courses of action. The training of teachers in different subject areas as a discipline involves various methods of approach and operations and ICT integration in schools is needed in order to accomplish many objectives and improve the quality of lessons in all subject areas as well as social studies. ICT increasingly pervades various aspects of our daily lives like work, business, teaching, learning, leisure and health (Olaojo, 2010),

Thus, the discipline social studies, centres on systematic study of the principles and skills pertinent to all aspects of operations, resources and administration. As new concepts of learning have evolved, teachers are expected to facilitate learning and make it meaningful to individual learners rather than just to provide knowledge and skills (Peter and Rexwhite 2012). Our schools should help the students to acquire a philosophy of life, attitude, skills, concepts, understandings and knowledge that will prove useful to them for the next sixty or seventy years of their lives. These represent the broader goals of our education. And social studies as an independent fields of study, has assumed a special responsibility, towards the attainment of these goals (Olaojo, 2010).


* Ensure the acquisition of that relevant body of knowledge and information which is an essential pre-requisite to personal development as well as to a positive personal contribution to the betterment of mankind.

* Creating an awareness and understanding of our evolving social and physical environment as a whole in its natural, man-made cultural; and spiritual resources together with the rational use and conservation of those resources for national development.

* Developing a systematic appreciation of the diversity and inter-dependence of all members of the local community and the wider national and international community.

* Developing a capacity to learn and to acquire certain basic skills including not only those of listening, speaking, reading and writing and of calculation, but also those skills of hand and head, together with those of observation, analysis and inferences which are essential to the forming of sound social, economic and political judgement.

* Developing in students positive attitudes of togetherness, comradeship and co-operation towards a healthy nation, the inculcation of appropriate values of honesty, integrity, hardwork, fairness and justice at work and play as one's contribution to the development of the nations.

Meaning of ICTs

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is referred to as all electronic technologies for collecting, storing, processing and transmitting information (Aluko, 2004), information could be voice/audio, data fax, and video or internet service. Heathcote (2000), information and communication technologies (ICTs) is a term which is currently used to denote a wide range of services, applications, and technologies using various types of equipment and software, often running over telecom networks. ICTs include well known telecom service such as telephone and fax. Telecom service used together with computer hardware and software from the basis of a range of other service, including e-mail, the transfer of files from one computer to another, and in particular, the internet, which potentially allows all computers to be connected, thereby giving access to source of knowledge and information stored on computers worldwide (Heathcote 2000). Its application includes videoconferencing, teleworking, distance learning, management information system, stock taking; technologies can be said to include a broad array ranging from 'old' technologies such as radio and TV to 'new' ones such as cellular mobile.

The need for ICT Integration in Schools

The use of technology to support learning has become essential skills for professional teachers in today's world. …