Instructional Media Initiatives

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Focussing on the Educational Resources Center at Thirteen/WNET, New York, New York



Beginning with Volume 26 (1), each issue of the International Journal of Instructional Media will include a brief section devoted to instructional media initiatives. This regular feature will focus especially on educational technology developments emerging from New York City-based Thirteen/WNET's Educational Resources Center. In the present issue, Thirteen's wNetSchool is described as a ready resource for educators working to harness the power of the Internet.


In this issue of the Journal, a new section is included entitled "Instructional Media Initiatives." This regular feature will report and comment on educational technology developments, particularly those emerging from Thirteen/WNET's Educational Resources Center in New York City. Under the skilled leadership of WNET's vice president for education, Ruth Ann Burns, the Center has established itself as a leading provider of research, technology and programming for a wide range of instructional media activities. Its many innovations have included the National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI), interactive multimedia projects and Web-based resources for home, school and work environments.

In addition to reporting and commenting on educational developments, "Instructional Media Initiatives" will carry material authored by master teachers and other professionals associated with the NTTI, the largest teacher training program focusing on math and science in the United States. "Instructional Media Initiatives" begins with a look at wNetSchool, developed at Thirteen/WNET.


A component of wNetStation, the award-winning Web site of flagship public television station WNET in New York, wNetSchool is a customizable Web service that delivers to teachers the vast educational power of the Internet. …