Qualitative Techniques: Interview Method and Application to Research and Applied Settings in Pedagogy, Sport Psychology, and Exercise Science

Article excerpt

Using different types of interview techniques is prevalent in qualitative methodology and becoming more popular in physical education. For many years, pedagogists have used various interview techniques to provide insight into teacher and student cognition and activity. More recently, sport psychologists have used interviewing to understand and enhance sport performance, and exercise scientists are using interview techniques to validate clients' responses to exercise. This symposium presents an overview of the use and application of the interview method in the subdisciplines of pedagogy, sport psychology and exercise science. The symposium content is directed to researchers, graduate students and physical education teachers.

Interview Techniques

Grace Goc Karp, University of Idaho

This overview will include guidelines for developing and conducting an interview. Issues related to the types of questions used, protocols, variety of interview formats, examining the relationship with the participant, analysis of the data, interpretation, verification and writing displays will he presented.

Interviewing Teachers and Learners

Mark Byra, University of Wyoming

During the past decade, qualitative research as a form of scientific inquiry has blossomed in the area of physical education teacher education (PETE). Descriptive statistics will be presented to illustrate this trend. Of all the data collection techniques used in qualitative research, the interview is the most prevalent. The standard, focus group, and phenomenological interview techniques will be described as used in PETE research. …