Infosexnet: Sexual and Reproductive Health Information on the Web

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The Canadian Health Network (CHN) is a new, national, bilingual web site that aims to encourage healthier lives and prevent disease. Designed for consumers and health intermediaries, the site is funded by Health Canada in partnership with more than 450 non-profit health information organizations, including SIECCAN.

Once you are connected to the Internet, visit From there a simple-to-use Home Page will guide you to information on a wide range of sexual and reproductive health topics. These include healthy pregnancy, reproductive health hazards, infertility, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, abortion, sexuality education, HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation, reproductive cancers, and more.

In fact, analysis of information on 26 major health topics and population groups has led CHN to produce a subject index of more than 1,000 health terms and links to more than 6,000 national and international Internet-based resources. As the Sexuality/Reproductive Health Affiliate, Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (PPFC) is responsible for adding quality content on this important topic. As a CHN Associate, SIECCAN is working closely with PPFC as part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Information Network (InfoSexNet) to achieve this goal.

How can I tell if my sexual activities are healthy and normal? I think I might be pregnant, what should I do? What do I need to know about sexually transmitted diseases? What are the most effective birth control methods, and where can I go to get them? …