Derek Fielding: A Select Bibliography 1956-96

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Derek Fielding's contribution was through his publications and conference presentations as well as his actions. The conscious omissions from this select bibliography are book reviews that do not amount to review articles, and smaller or routine reports on `the state of play' in topics for which he held some responsibility at the time; for unconscious omissions, the compiler's apologies. However, I thank Derek Fielding for help with some fugitive publications and, much more, for his leadership and friendship as my University Librarian, 1965-92.

Annotations aim to explain enigmatic titles, or to relate publications to Derek Fielding's career or preoccupations. It would often be misleading to extract themes from writings that are frequently close-packed, extensive surveys. For more conventional descriptions of content, see Library & Information Science Abstracts, Australian Library & Information Science Abstracts, or, best of all, the publications themselves.

Except in statements of joint authorship, there has been no attempt to document the capricious variation, by author or editors, between `Derek Fielding' and `FDO Fielding': he clearly was not concerned to maximise his impact in citation indexes.

`Library Schools ... Thoughts of a Long-Suffering Student' Assistant Librarian Vol 49 no 9 1956 pp147-8. Participating in a series of letters about library schools and examinations, DF protests against the length of proposed courses: `Out of eight years [the student of librarianship] will have worked two, and will be completely penniless. And the next stage. Left on the shelf, he dons a robe and hood of coarse cloth, takes vows of chastity, piety, etc., and renounces the world to go and found a library.'

`Conference in New Zealand: A Report on the 1959 Conference of the New Zealand Library Association' Assistant Librarian Vol 52 no 12 1959 pp241-3. Having left Sheffield to become Deputy Librarian of the University of Auckland, DF reports to former British colleagues his impressions of New Zealand and its libraries, in two articles.

`Culture in Kiwiland: An Emigrant Looks at Library Provision in New Zealand' Assistant Librarian Vol 52 no 8 1959 pp157-60

`A Simple Charging Method for a University Library' Library Association Record Vol 61 no 11 1959 pp298-300

`The Structure of the Classified Catalogue' Australian Library Journal Vol 12 no 3 1963 pp154-8

Annual Report of the University Librarian 1965 ... 1991 No mere compilation of section reports and statistics, DF's annual reports as James Forsyth Librarian of the University of Queensland are rich displays of his preoccupations and priorities for the library, year by year.

`Indexing and Abstracting Serials: Some Recent Developments' Australian Library Journal Vol 14 no 1 1965 pp27-8. Reviews the subject indexing and arrangement of indexing and abstracting services.

`University Library Staff: Academics or Clerks?' Library Association of Australia 13th Biennial Conference Canberra Papers Sydney 1965 pp203-16. DF discusses the contributions subject specialist librarians offered academic libraries, and appropriate administrative structures to enable them to work. Foreshadows the eventual broad subject divisional library arrangement of the University of Queensland Library, which he had just been appointed to lead.

(ed) Administrative Organisation of Australian University Libraries LAA University and College Libraries Section News Sheet Supplement no I Adelaide 1966

`Queensland Libraries Rate Poorly in Australia' Courier-Mail 10 August 1967 p2

`The University of Queensland Library' Australian Library Journal Vol 16 no 3 1967 pp105-7. Part of an ALJ issue describing Queensland libraries prior to an LAA conference in Brisbane.

`British University Libraries in the Sixties: An Australian View' Australian Library Journal Vol 17 no 6 1968 pp207-12. …