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J. RASMUS BRANDT & LARS KARLSSON (ed.). From huts to houses--transformations of ancient societies: proceedings of an international seminar organized by the Norwegian & Swedish Institutes in Rome, 21-24 September 1997 (Skrifter Utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom 4[degrees] 56/Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artium Historiam Pertinentia XIII). 461 pages, 417 figures, 20 tables. 2001. Jonsered: Paul Astrom; 91-7042-163-3 (ISSN 0081-993X & 0065-0900) paperback Kr700 & US$66.70.

PIERRE BRIANT (ed.). Irrigation et drainage dans l'Antiquite: qanats et canalisations souterraines en Iran, en Egypte et en Grece--seminaire tenu au College de France (Persika 2). 190 pages, 68 figures, 1 table. 2001. Paris: Thotm; 2-914531-01-X paperback E27.

MARILYN PALMER & PETER NEAVERSON (ed.). From industrial revolution to consumer revolution: international perspectives on the archaeology of industrialisation. 129 pages, 47 figures, 3 tables. 2001. N.p.: Association for Industrial Archaeology; 0-1-902653-63-7 paperback 12.50 [pounds sterling].

Messrs BRANDT & KARLSSON present 14 papers on development of building, six on the functions of buildings, 11 on techniques of building, and a dozen on the social anthropology, aspects of ancient technology, and field survey technique, plus a study (first published in 1932) on shepherds' huts around Rome. Ranging from recent history to the Mesolithic, most of the papers are about the central Mediterranean but there are also one on Turkey and eight on Scandinavia. They amount to a mass of well-illustrated detail on structures, large and small, of various materials. Most are in English but eight are in Italian, and a couple in French or German.

Prof. BRIANT introduces eight detailed and scholarly papers on literary and archaeological evidence for ancient water management in the eastern Mediterranean, Near East and Oman. The first three amount to a state of the art review for the Classical period in Greece and the western Hellenistic world. Evidence for underground supply is reviewed for Egypt, Oman and Armenia--M. …