New Book Examines Entrepreneurialism, Economic Development, and Biomedical Research. (Recent Releases)

Article excerpt

The Nexus of Research & Business: Balanced Solutions for Academic Health Centers, the newest release from the Association of Academic Health Centers, examines the growing sophistication of the academic research enterprise and its links with business and industry. Leading experts from academe, industry, and government focus on the need to balance marketplace economics with academic missions. New risks and benefits, and successes and failures, are emerging as institutions expand their commercial ventures, form stronger partnerships with industry, and work with businesses and governments to build local economies.

Advances in biomedical science and technology, the need for new treatments and cures, government interest in economic development, and growing entrepreneurial attitudes in academe are creating a pro-market agenda for research at academic health centers. There has been little study of entrepreneurial activity in the academic setting. The book frames critical issues, challenges many assumptions about risks and benefits, and proposes areas for further study. It also reveals the overwhelming involvement of academic health centers across the Nation in expanding their research enterprise and lays out the issues motivating and enabling the expansion. …