Society for Women's Health Research. (Ehpnet)

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Women's health activists, researchers, and practitioners formed what is now known as the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR) in the late 1980s to advocate for women's inclusion as subjects in clinical drug trials. Today, with the help of its website at, the group promotes research on sex-based biology, lobbies for more women's health research funding, and educates women on the importance of medical research.

The site's Our Activities page links to information on society-sponsored conferences, clinical research workshops, and scientific advisory meetings developed in response to the Institute of Medicine's April 2001 report Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter? These meetings have covered such topics as sex differences in immunity and autoimmunity, and understanding the biology of sex and gender.

The What Is Sex-Based Bio? page offers fact lists, educator resources, and links to web-based tools such as the online version of the Institute of Medicine report. Outreach projects, such as the Women Can Do campaign to encourage women to make proactive health-related decisions and participate in medical research, are described on the Understanding Research page. Materials for specific minority communities address culturally relevant health concerns and beliefs. …