Fundamental Principles of Occupational Health and Safety

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Fundamental principles of occupational health and safety. By Benjamin O. Alli. Geneva, 2001. ix + 154 pp. Boxes, annexes, glossary, bibliography, index. 20 Swiss francs. ISBN 92-2-110869-4.

This practical guide to developing effective occupational health and safety policies and programmes focuses on the key topics essential to promoting health and safety in the workplace. It presents a concise overview of the issues involved, together with specific guidelines for policy design and implementation at both national and enterprise levels. The operational aspects of meeting health and safety requirements are also covered, with detailed sections on legislation and enforcement, occupational health surveillance, and preventive and protective measures, as well as health education and training. This book provides information on national laws, regulations and labour codes, explains the main concepts in occupational health and safety and demonstrates the pertinence of ILO Conventions and Recommendations, particularly with regard to the allocation of duties and responsibilities to authorities, employers and workers. …