How to Enlarge China's Trade with Middle & Small European Countries Such as Belgium1/COMMENT ELARGIR LE COMMERCE CHINOIS AVEC DE PETITS ET MOYENS PAYS EUROPEENS COMME LA BELGIQUE

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In 2004 & 2005, China has been world No.3 import & export country, EU has become China's No. 1 trading partner. To further expand Sino-EU trade & turn China from a big trading into a high-tech, strong trading country, it is wise related China's governmental & non-governmental organizations(such as trade unions & financial organizations) set up their global network, act as intermediaries, provide market information & guarantee to set up high-efficiency economy.

Keywords: small European countries, governmental intermediary, NGO

Résumé: En 2004 et 2005, la Chine est devenue le troisième pays d'importation et d'exportation du monde entier. L'Union européenne est devenue le premier partenaire commercial de la Chine. Pour approfondir le commerce sino-UE et aussi pour transformer la Chine d'un grand pays de commerce en un grand pays fort en commerce avec des technologies de pointe, il est lucide d'encourager aux organisations gouvernementales et non-gouvernementales( telles que les unions de commerce et les organisations financières) d'établir leur réseaux globaux, en jouant le rôle d'intermédiaires, en fournissant les informations et garanties du marché pour établir une économie de haute rentabilité.

Mots-clés: Petits pays européens, intermédiaire gouvernemental, NGO

By 2004 WTO annual report, world top 30 import & export countries include Germany(No.l in export & No. 2 in import), France, Holland, Italy, UK, Belgian rank among the top ten with Spain, Switzerland, Swiss, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Poland on the top thirty. Fifteen European countries occupy the 50%. In 2004 & 2005, China has been world No. 3 import and export country, EU has become China's No.l trading partner since 2004. Yet present Sino-EU trade focus has been laid on big powers such as Germany, UK & France. Meanwhile, many smaller EU countries, such as Belgium, are trying to enlarge their trade with China.

Belgium is a small country with only 30,528km & a population about 10 million, yet its total import & export has been on world top ten since 1990, its import & export of 1991 was world No. 1. It is now China's 6th EU trading partner. Geographical advantage has made Belgium the "thoroughfare" of Western Europe. Belgium is one of the creators of ECC, it is among the first to be approved into Euro countries. Brussels-capital of Belgium and EU, with headquarters of more than 1000 international organizations & institutions-is also called the 'capital of Europe'.

Majority of Belgian enterprises are small companies, their products have high quality because of their long participation of fierce international competitions. Yet because of shortage in capital & global network, they can mainly do business with neighboring EU member countries. To promote trade of those small companies which is the major component of Belgian economy, certain government agencies have been setting up their global network and act as intermediaries to help promote their trade, esp. that of those small companies. Belgium acquires high specification, clear property right and an efficient & healthy financial system which propels enterprise's development. It encourages saving, thrift & diligent. Belgium can act as typical capitalist country for those small EU countries such as Netherlands & Luxemburg, etc.

Former Export Vlaanderen (Belgian Foreign trade promotion Bureau in Flanders area) has done quite well in promoting Flemish foreign trade, esp. in Sino-Flanders trade. It has set up about 40 representative offices in more than 30 countries including US, UK & China. EV has thus established an international network & governmental guarantee for small companies lacking their own international network & backs their businesses with governmental support. In China there are 4 representative offices (Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou & Hong Kong). …