PASSAGES: Nancy Hicks Maynard

Article excerpt

Nancy Hicks Maynard, a co-founder of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, died Sept. 21, 2008, in Los Angeles of multiple organ failure. She was 61.

Maynard was born in Harlem on Nov. 1, 1946, and graduated from Long Island University with a degree in journalism in 1966. In September 1968, she was a 21 -year-old former copy girl and reporter for the New York Post when she was hired as one of the first black woman reporters at the New York Times. Maynard was soon sent to Brooklyn to help report the decentralization of Ocean Hill-Brownsville schools, which led to a citywide teachers' strike, racism and anti-Semitism accusations, and later the formation of the city's system of local school districts.

In 1977, the Maynards founded the journalism education institute in Oakland, which has trained hundreds of minority journalists. Their daughter, Dori J. Maynard, is now the institute's president and chief executive officer. …