With Roots and Wings: Christianity in an Age of Ecology and Dialogue

Article excerpt

With Roots and Wings: Christianity in an Age of Ecology and Dialogue, by Jay B. McDaniel. Orbis Books, Maryknoll, 1995. 243 pp. $16. 95 (paper). ISBN 1-57075-001-7.

IN THIS LIVELY, NON-TECHNICAL treatment, McDaniel aims to enable conservative Christian students, and spiritual seekers who want to learn from Christianity, to "envision a way of living [with] nourishing roots and unbound wings"-a "life path beyond consumerism and fundamentalism" that moves toward peacemaking and community. Roots mean connecting with the reality and story of earth, with Christian faith as resource. Wings indicate unconfined exploration, or human freedom to participate in "God's ongoing life." That latter phrase exemplifies McDaniel's judicious use of the vocabulary of process thought to characterize the God of many names who loves planet earth and "lures" humans toward wholeness of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Part one addresses christic, earthy spirituality encompassing both "Red Grace and Green Grace," and offers a conscious comparison of "New Story and Biblical Story." McDaniel unpacks Thomas Berry's three spiritual principles of the universe (differentiation, subjectivity, and communion), reinterprets them in panentheistic terms, and then retells the Christian story of creation, fall, and redemption. …