Review: Environmental Engineering and Management

Article excerpt

Review: Environmental Engineering and Management By J.M. Baldasano and H. Power (Eds.) Reviewed by Umar Karim Mirza Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Pakistan J.M. Baldasano & H. Power (Eds.). Environmental Engineering and Management. Southampton, United Kingdom: WIT Press/Computational Mechanics Publications, 1998. 348 pp. (Environmental engineering series ISSN 1460-1427) ISBN 1-85312-602-0 (hard cover). US$196.00

If one discipline of engineering has a greater responsibility than others to help society meet the triple objectives of financial, ecological, and social sustainability, then it is undoubtedly environmental engineering. As described in its preface, this book is a compilation of the technical papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, in 1998. So, the book should be categorized as conference proceedings.

The editors have done well by organizing the 32 reviewed technical papers into eight sections. Each section deals with a different aspect of environment:

Section 1: Environmental impact assessment (nine papers)

Section 2: Life cycle assessment (two papers)

Section 3: Information systems and training (three papers)

Section 4: Energy conservation and air pollution (two papers)

Section 5: Water resources, treatment and control (ten papers)

Section 6: Environmental modeling (three papers)

Section 7: Waste minimization (two papers)

Section 8: Environmental management systems (one paper)

An index of authors marks the end of the book. …