Promoting Gender Equality at Work: Turning Vision into Reality for the Twenty-First Century

Article excerpt

Date-Bah, Eugenia (ed.). Promoting gender equality at work: Turning vision into reality for the twenty-first century. London, Zed Books/ILO, 1997. xiv + 241 pp. Index. ISBN 1-85649-454-3.

This book takes a broad approach to the question of equality in the workplace: how far it has been achieved in both developing and developed countries at the end of the twentieth century, and what still needs to be done to help achieve it as the twenty-first century dawns, particularly in view of a rapidly changing socio-economic climate.

An introduction gives an overall picture of current workplace equality in the various regions of the world, together with an idea of recent progress, where applicable. It explains the comprehensive approach adopted, namely setting the macroeconomic context (with chapters on recession and structural adjustment's impact on women's work in selected developing regions; on the impact of transition on women's employment in east-central Europe; on African women workers, globalization, AIDS and poverty; innovations in work organization and technology); working conditions and social security (sexual harassment at work; equality of treatment between men and women in social security and in family responsibilities); the enhancement of legal effectiveness (analysis of the legal framework for gender equality in employment in Lesotho; enforcement of equality provisions): and the role of relevant nongovernmental institutions (trade unions and women workers: current trends; and the role of employers' organizations in the promotion of gender equality in employment in Malaysia).

In the concluding chapter, the editor spells out the areas requiring urgent attention and action if gender inequalities at work and women's disadvantaged position are to be tackled such as to change the situation significantly in the coming century. …