Shorter Reviews and Notices -- Reclaiming the Jesus of History: Christology Today by Roy Eckardt

Article excerpt

Reclaiming the Jesus of History: Christology Today, by Roy Eckardt. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 1992. 297 pp. $29.95. ISBN 0-8006-2513-7.

Eckardt is a senior statesman among the religion teachers who have continued to do Christian theology in the setting of America's colleges and universities. He has been a leader in rethinking Christian theology in light of the Holocaust. His work has extended from Christian-Jewish studies to liberation and feminist theological issues. In this book he has turned his hand to bringing into focus a christological vision for the postmodern period. He has come armed for this task with a wide reading of the literature of not only biblical scholars but contemporary theologians as well. The orientation of this book comes from the author's concern for a historical reading of the life of Jesus as it is imbedded in the history and life of Israel. What emerges from this orientation in Eckardt's work are insights that not only clarify Christian-Jewish relations but also illumine the other issues set for us by the liberation, feminist, and religious pluralism of our day. …