Missouri Update

Article excerpt

For the second election cycle in a row, Missourians have turned back attempts to overturn the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan. The overwhelming defeat of Amendment 3 on the November ballot shows Missourians have no appetite for giving politicians or special interests greater power to pick Missouri judges. The results speak for themselves:

* Amendment 3 was defeated in all 114 Missouri counties as well as St. Louis and Kansas City. It simply didn't matter if the county was rural or urban, conservative or liberal, small or large.

* The 1,921,868 votes cast against Amendment 3, made it the leading vote getter on the November ballot. In fact, "No" on Amendment 3 received 400,000 more votes than the next leading vote getter, Governor Nixon.

* The 76% opposition to Amendment 3 was one of the largest defeats of a constitutional amendment in Missouri history. A staggering three out of every four people who cast a ballot stood with us to protect our Nonpartisan Court Plan.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts, the leading opponent of Amendment 3, brought together a diverse coalition of retired judges, business leaders and community leaders to educate voters on why putting politicians and special interests in charge of Missouri's judicial selection process is dangerous. The work of this coalition, including a limited media buy, coupled with grassroots efforts that included the work of hundreds of volunteers resulted in the dynamic defeat of Amendment 3. …