The Last Page

Article excerpt

This issue brings to a close six years of editing the Plains Anthropologist. It has been a pleasure and an education. It is also time to pass this responsibility on. The Editor-elect, Linea Sundstrom, will bring fresh ideas to the task. I look forward to a truly wonderful journal under her editorship.

In addition to those who have helped with a variety of journal-related matters over the past two years, and who are listed below, I wish to especially commend the service and support of several individuals. Deborah Sabo, the Assistant Editor, is first among these. Her unflagging efforts and insights have made for a better journal. The Book Review Editors, Mary Lou Larsen and Marcel Kornfeld, similarly have been dedicated and gifted in carrying out their responsibilities. They have continued the tradition of Danny Walker in developing book reviews in a timely and insightful manner. I cannot commend them enough for their service. Although not directly related, the end of this editorship coincides with the final service of Larry Tomsyck as the chief fiscal officer for the Plains Anthropological Society. No one has been more dedicated to this organization and more responsible for its fiscal health than Larry. I have absolutely no doubt that Larry Tomsyck's selfless devotion to the Society will be both long remembered and treasured as a role model for all who follow. …