Psalms of the Way and the Kingdom: A Conference with the Commentators

Article excerpt

Psalms of the Way and the Kingdom: A Conference with the Commentators. By John Eaton. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic, 1995,144 pp., $33.50.

Every now and then one encounters a genuinely interesting book. Something original and engaging passes under one's gaze, and one is both charmed and instructed. For me, Eaton's Psalms of the Way and the Kingdom is such a book.

Eaton leads us into "a conference with the commentators" on psalms of the way (1, 19 and 119) and the kingdom (93, 97 and 99). The session having been convened by the author, the participants take their places in historical order. Gathering around the conference table with their diligently prepared work before them, eager to discuss the cruces of the selected psalms, are such giants as Delitzsch, Duhm, Briggs, Gunkel, Mowinckel, Kraus and others. After each one offers his proposals, Eaton exercises executive privilege by drawing the discussion to a close, adjudicating the salient questions of interpretation and criticism for each psalm. The reader has the delight of listening in as the proverbial fly on the wall. …