Bridging Worlds through General Semantics

Article excerpt

Mary Morain, ed. Bridging Worlds Through General Semantics. San Francisco: International Society for General Semantics (now in Concord, California), 1984.

Those interested in learning more about general semantics and its applications to daily living, reliable research, and communication in the larger society would do well to read this book which contains thirty-four excellent articles taken from ETC (spanning the years 1943-1983).

Bridging Worlds Through General Semantics is divided into 5 sections. Section I (Background) may be especially useful to newcomers to general semantics since it sets the stage for Charlotte Read's lead article in Section II which gives the essential aspects of Korzybski's system. Other selections in Section II (The Contribution of General Semantics) may appeal particularly to readers interested in the relationships of general semantics with mathematics, physics, and psychiatry.

Section III (Applications in Daily Living) includes articles that explore the nonverbal worlds of human functioning and articles that examine ways to listen better, have more realistic expectations, and how to make the structure of one's "verbal maps" better fit the structure of the "nonverbal territory. …