MiG Alley: Sabres vs. MiGs over Korea

Article excerpt

MiG Alley: Sabres vs. MiGs over Korea by Warren E. Thompson and David R. McLaren. Specialty Press (http://www.specialtypress.com), 39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, Minnesota 55056, 2002, 192 pages, $39.95 (hardcover).

This is a fine book on a great airplane. MiG Alley is built around vignettes provided by over 60 American veterans of the Korean War, woven together with a brief commentary by the authors. It is a personal view of the subject-primarily reflections by F-86 pilots 50 years after the conflict. The book relates not only the excitement of dogfights, but also incidents of bailouts and accidents during the flying and fighting that took place over Korea. Produced on sleek paper in an unusual format (10 1/4 by 10 1/4 inches), it features numerous color pictures and two full-page paintings of the F-86s and the men who flew them. Few, if any, of these photos have appeared before in print. The volume also includes three appendices that will gladden the hearts of students of the war. One appendix identifies each F-86 that served in the war by serial number, indicating its unit and, if the aircraft were lost, the official explanation of the circumstances. A second, which shows F-86 losses by date, including the serial number, pilot's name, unit, cause of loss, and fate of the pilot, is very important because it marks the first time such information has been published. …