Egalite Entre Femmes et Hommes: Aspects Economiques

Article excerpt

Majnoni d'Intignano, Beatrice. Egalite entre femmes et hommes: Aspects econorniques. Paris, La Documentation francaise, 1999. Report to the Conseil d'Analyse economique du Premier Ministre. With comments by Michel Aglietta and Gilbert Cette and further contributions from Michel Glaude, Annie Fouquet, Annie Gauvin and Marie-Therese Letablier. 208 pp. Tables, figures, maps, annexes, summary in English. ISBN 2-11-004248-6. This report, written for the Prime Minister's Council on Economic Analysis, concerns the economic aspects of equality between men and women in France. As such, it addresses standard issues in gender economics and, from a broader perspective, also examines the impact of women's and men's individual choices (on family structure, domestic chores or paid work) on the overall functioning of the economy and the organization of society.

A typology of three models is used to examine family issues: the patriarchal model (only the man works, the woman brings up a relatively large number of children); the two-career free-market model (two working spouses, few children); and the two-career, "social-democratic" model (two working spouses, approximately two children), in which the woman can combine a permanent, sometimes part-time, job with having a family.

The report then considers the factors influencing women's attitudes towards economic activity, notably the question of the level of their qualifications, especially in comparison with those of their spouses. …