ILO Standards-Related Activities in the Area of Occupational Safety and Health: An In-Depth Study for Discussion with a View to the Elaboration of a Plan of Action for Such Activities

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ILO standards-related activities in the area of occupational safety and health: An in-depth study for discussion with a view to the elaboration of a plan of action for such activities. International Labour Conference, 91st Session, 2003, Report VI. Geneva, 2003. viii + 124 pp. List of abbreviations and acronyms, annexes, CD-Rom. 17.50 Swiss francs. ISBN 92-2-112883-0.

Since the turn of the twentieth century when the first legal relationships between exposure to hazards and the world of work were being established, occupational safety and health has grown into a multifaceted discipline. This discipline has implications not only for human lives, enterprise development and national efforts to increase productivity and alleviate poverty, but also for the human environment. It is also recognized today as an essential component in global efforts to develop production and consumption patterns which are sustainable and which respect the global environment in the face of increasing demographic pressures. Over the years, the ILO has multiplied the number of tools and the activities in which it is engaged in order to carry out its mission. This multiplication stems from the realization that actual impact requires more than the signature of an instrument of ratification of an ILO Convention and that such a signature does not by itself guarantee that the objectives the constituents articulated in such an instrument will become reality. …