ILO Law on Freedom of Association: Standards and Procedures

Article excerpt

ILO law on freedom of association: Standards and procedures, Geneva, publication due in 1995. 20 Swiss francs. ISBN 92-2-109446-4.

This book brings together the standards on freedom of association adopted by the ILO throughout the 75 years of its existence, together with the regulations governing the international bodies charged with supervising and ensuring compliance with these standards.

The first part is an exhaustive compilation of the provisions made in over 40 Conventions, Recommendations and resolutions of the ILO on the subject of freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations. The second part explains the procedures available to workers' and employers' organizations and also governments when they feel that rights to freedom of association have been violated. Relevant texts concerning the filing of representations and complaints with the ILO are reproduced, as are the regulations and rules of procedure of the supervisory bodies of the ILO.

As an illustration of the wide endorsement the basic labour standards have received internationally, one need only mention two figures: that on 1 June 1995 the two basic Conventions concerned with freedom of association, namely the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention, 1948 and the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949, respectively Nos. 87 and 98, had been ratified by 113 and 125 countries, respectively.

The reader is reminded that freedom of association has always been at the heart of the ILO's concerns, which some decades ago led it to establish special procedures to protect these rights effectively. …