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The Song of Songs: The Honeybee in the Garden Illuminations and Commentary by Debra Band; Bible Translations by The Jewish Publication Society and David Band Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, 2005. 144 pp. $75.00 (cloth). ISBN 0-8276-0811-X.

Through calligraphy and beautiful artwork, the artist brings together in visual context the two major interpretations of the Song of Songs: romantic love and that of allegorical divine love and redemption. This edition is filled with 65 full-page illuminations that draw from both classic rabbinic texts and modern scholarship.

Song of Songs by Richard S. Hess Baker Commentary on the Old Testament: Wisdom and Psalms. Baker, Grand Rapids, 2005. 285 pp. $29.99 (cloth). ISBN 0-8010-2712-8.

Geared toward clergy and seminary students, this new series is also accessible to nonscholars. It begins with the poetic integrity of the Song of Songs. The poetic structure is given prominence, with the implications of the literary imagery developed in theological and practical notes.

The Song of Songs: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators translated and edited by Richard A. Norris, Jr. The Church's Bible. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, 2003. 346pp. $40.00 (cloth). ISBN 0-8028-2579-6.

This first volume of a new commentary series includes works by Origen, Gregory the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Bernard of Clairvaux, Ambrose of Milan, Bede the Venerable, Augustine of Hippo and more. The translation is in idiomatic English, arranged as verse-by-verse commentary, to demonstrate early Christian understanding of the believer's relation to God.

Psalms in Community: Jewish and Christian Textual, Liturgical and Artistic Traditions edited by Harold W. Attridge and Margot E. Fassler Symposium. Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, 2004. 480 pp. $49.95. ISBN 1-58983-07804.

Twenty-five contributors represent biblical studies, liturgical studies, musicology, art history, theology, and literature. Bringing a diachronic perspective, they explore the appropriation of the Psalms in the lives of Jews and Christians.

The Face of New Testament Studies: A Survey of Recent Research edited by Scot McKnight and Grant R. Osborne Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, 2004. 544 pp. $32.99. ISBN 0-8010-2707-1.

In this handbook of New Testament scholarship, twenty-two contributors provide up-to-date "macroscopic" overviews of their respective fields of expertise. The areas of study surveyed include the historical, social, and literary contexts of the New Testament, recent advances in textual criticism and Greek grammar, and current issues in the interpretation of each New Testament book.

The Ending of Mark and the Ends of God: Essays in Memory of Donald Harrisville Juel edited by Beverly Roberts Gaventa and Patrick Miller Westminster John Knox, Louisville, 2005. 184 pp. $24.95. ISBN 0-664-22739-2.

Juel's work on the unsettling nature of the open-endedness of the Gospel of Mark inspires this collection of essays by theologians and biblical scholars. Contributors examine the relationship of this unsettling aspect of God's actions to their work on Christian theology, ministry, or culture.

Navigating Romans through Cultures: Challenging Readings by Charting a New Course edited by Yeo Khiok-khng T&T Clark, Harrisburg, 2004. …