Proceedings, 103rd Annual Meeting Medical Library Association, Inc. San Diego, California May 2-7, 2003

Article excerpt

The Medical Library Association, Inc. (MLA), held its 103rd Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, May 2-7, 2003, at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center. The meeting theme was MLA '03 "Catch the Wave." The daily newsletter, The Swell, provided highlights of daily activities, changes in meetings, events, and information about attractions in the San Diego area; four issues were published, Saturday, May 3-Tuesday, May 6. Total MLA meeting attendance was 2,412.

Additional meeting content, including the meeting program and electronic presentations from business, plenary, poster, and section presentations can be found on MLANET at Candid photos can be found at the site as well.


Sunday, May 4, 2003

The opening session was convened by MLA President Linda A. Watson, who welcomed members to the meeting. She thanked the 2003 National Program Committee for delivering an "extreme" program that would offer something for every attendee. President Watson then introduced Craig C. Haynes, president of the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona. First, Mr. Haynes began by providing a unique San Diego welcome with his version of the song "Good Morning." He then delivered his welcome.

Craig C. Haynes: On behalf of the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you all to San Diego to this 103rd Annual Meeting of MLA. Although I suppose I really should say, not just welcome, but welcome back! Some of you may know that MLA convened in San Diego way back in 1972 at the hotel Del. But don't worry, I am not going to ask for a show of hands of how many of you were here at that meeting way back then, but what I will ask is: MLA, what took you so long? Was it something we said? Was it something we did? No matter, all is forgiven, and we are delighted that you are here now.

I wish to offer my deepest thanks to the scores of volunteers who have worked and are working to make this MLA meeting the best ever! Thanks, also, to MLA headquarters staff, who always do an outstanding job, and thanks to each of you for being here. Without guests, there is no party.

So, have a great meeting, enjoy your stay in San Diego, and one last thing: MLA, don't stay away so long. Thanks.

President Watson then introduced two special guests, Robert Willard, executive director of the United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, and Ian Snowley, director of Information Services, Royal Society of Medicine, London, England, United Kingdom. She then recognized new MLA members and first-time attendees.

The president then asked the cochairs of the 2003 National Program Committee, Ysabel Bertolucci and Gail A. Yokote, and the cochairs of the 2003 Local Arrangements Committee, Marilyn Wolf Schwartz and Mary Linn Bergstrom, to give opening comments. Ms. Yokote and Ms. Bertolucci's presentation consisted of a narrated slide show.

Gail Yokote: Cowabunga! The 2003 National Program Committee (NPC) is pleased to present an epic (excellent) annual meeting, with plenty of lines (sets of incoming waves that look perfect to ride) and plenty of onion (enough waves for everyone). The NPC and Local Assistance Committee (LAC) members are hangiri (genuine state of contentment) and stoked (happy, elated). We expect you to be ripping (executing dramatic and radical moves on the waves) and locked in (occupying the optimum position on the wave to maximize the ride).

Some of you will be lit-up (catching a "just right" wave for the perfect ride), while others will be radical (exhibiting positive energy) and stylie (performing quality maneuvers in good form).

This year's annual meeting features record numbers of contributed papers and posters; Xtreme Rides (latebreaking presentations); California Chats (informal idea swapping and networking); PDA beaming kiosks; a Technology Pavilion, showcasing vendor products; and a jointly sponsored Chapter/section Councils program in a casual and fun environment. …