Theology of the Pentateuch: Themes of the Priestly Narrative and Deuteronomy

Article excerpt

LOHFINK, a Roman Catholic scholar, is among the most prolific and influential contemporary German scholars. I mention his Roman Catholic identity because his church context characteristically leads his scholarship beyond critical matters to important theological interpretation. Anything by Lohfink which is translated into English is welcome, and this book is no exception.

The volume consists of eleven essays that have been printed in various places in German. It is now commonly agreed that Pentateuchal traditions, as they reached their final form in the exilic period, were situated in either priestly or deuteronomic circles. Lohfink himself has a special interest in deuteronomic studies, in which he has been a dominant force for many years. Of the present essays, four reflect his continuing engagement in deuteronomic traditions. Four more are studies in the priestly tradition. These have special theological interest, as Lohfink takes on issues of creation and ecology, the emergence of sin in the priestly narrative, and the relation between creation and salvation. In each of these essays, Lohfink displays his great attention to detail and his keen theological sensitivity.

The essays in this book will be of great interest and value, both as models in method and for the author's inventive interpretive capacity. …