Theologie Aus Asiatischen Quellen: Der Theologische Weg Choan-Seng Songs Vor Dem Hintergrund der Asiatischen Okumenischen Diskussion

Article excerpt

FEDERSCHMIDT'S BOOK is a significant contribution to the assessment of the work of one of the most important contemporary Asian theologians. Besides being the first exploration of the work of Choan-Seng Song in its entirety, this study is also an attempt to trace its development in light of Song's roots in Taiwan, Europe, and North America, with a strong focus on the historical and philosophical context of Asian religiosity.

Becoming increasingly aware of the suffering of the Asian people, Song suggests a fundamental reconstruction of theology which grows out of solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized. It is perhaps one of the most crucial insights of the study that this "turn to the other" is not simply an ethical command -one of the common misunderstandings of liberation theology in the first world-but a fundamental theological motif. Ultimately, the point of departure of this theological option for the marginalized is not the modern search for contextualization but the crucified Christ and his presence with those who suffer.

One example of the scope of Song's reconstruction of theology is the new vision of history in his later work. …