The Bible in Christian Education

Article excerpt

THE CENTRALITY OF THE BIBLE in Christian education, according to pioneering educator Iris Cully, arises from the nature of the Christian community itself. The church finds it origins and identity in a story, "the story of God's love made known in creation and redemption through the people of Israel and through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ" (p. 1). Speaking to pastors and congregational leaders, Cully encourages teachers to give serious and faithful attention to the story of God's people as found in the Bible. Not only that, they are urged to engage themselves and their students in such a way that the community participates in the story. Using this narrative framework, Cully proceeds with a well-ordered treatment of various uses of scripture in Christian education. She introduces the reader to the origins of the biblical texts and some basic approaches to their study.

The chapter on interpretation is most helpful as it exposes some common presuppositions brought to scripture by the faith community, and explores the implications of those presuppositions for the practice of Christian education in congregations. …