Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching

Article excerpt

PREACHING is the one dimension of Christian ministry in which all other dimensions come to focus most visibly. When a preacher stands to proclaim the Word of God, the message the preacher conveys has been informed by the whole range of theological disciplines, including biblical studies, theology, church history, education, and pastoral care, as well as various manifestations of cultural interface. Because of its comprehensive and complex nature, preaching has always been difficult to define. Thus, any attempt to reduce the subject of preaching to encyclopedic form will be a difficult task at best if not an impossibility. The editors of the Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching, however, have done an excellent job of capturing their elusive subject. Through brief articles addressing individuals, movements, and theological constructs that have informed the practice of preaching over the centuries, the Encyclopedia presents a panorama of homiletical history in its multifaceted context, mindful of rhetorical, hermeneutical, theological, and literary influences.

One of the most significant contributions of this volume is the recovery of historic voices that have shaped the field of homiletics but were silenced in the official canons of religious history. …