Tripartite Consultation at the National Level on Economic and Social Policy

Article excerpt

International Labour Conference, 83rd Session, 1996. Report VI: Tripartite consultation at the national level on economic and social policy. Geneva, 1996. iv + 57 pp. 12.50 Swiss francs. ISBN 92-2-109872-9. ISSN 0074-6681.

This report, also submitted to the Conference for a general discussion, comprises three chapters respectively examining the concept of tripartism and its implications; recent developments in tripartite cooperation; and means of promoting tripartism. These are supplemented by suggested points for discussion, a selected bibliography and appendices containing inter alia the texts of the Consultation (Industrial and National Levels) Recommendation, 1960 (No. 113), the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), and the Tripartite Consultation (Activities of the International Labour Organization) Recommendation, 1976 (No. 152).

When the Conference adopted Recommendation No. 113 it also adopted "Observations" on the same subject, which are considerably longer than the Recommendation. These Observations, reproduced in Appendix I of the report, contain two essential messages. The first is that in order for tripartite cooperation to function effectively certain basic conditions have to be met - and, in particular, all the parties must be willing to consider matters of mutual concern in a spirit of good faith, confidence and mutual respect - and that the efforts required for this purpose may be lengthy and difficult. …