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Articles from Vol. 21, No. 4, December

In-Country Refugee Processing of Haitians: The Case Against
Abstract Reviewing past experience with in-country processing in Haiti and its links to American interdiction policies, as well as the history of Cuban migration to the United States, this paper argues against in-country processing for Haitian refugees....
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Interception and Asylum: When Migration Control and Human Rights Collide
Abstract: Preoccupied with sovereign control of access to their territories, states are devoting increasing energy and resources to intercepting and turning back migrants before they arrive at their borders. Interception measures, however, rarely...
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Interception Practices in Europe and Their Implications
Abstract The dilemma of reconciling migration control functions and State obligations for refugee protection has underlined much of the immigration and asylum debate in the European Union. In recent years, numerous measures have been introduced...
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Interdiction at the Expense of Human Rights: A Long-Term Containment Strategy
Migratory pressure is heavy around the globe and the available data does not indicate any decrease in the foreseeable future. It has always been there: the highest number of immigrants to have come to Canada in one single year is still that of 1913,...
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Resettlement and Processing of Haitian Refugees
Abstract Political violence and human rights abuses are escalating in Haiti, as the country's nascent democracy deteriorates. Already, the United States and countries in the Caribbean region are developing and implementing policies designed to deter...
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The Spaces in Between: American and Australian Interdiction Policies and Their Implications for the Refugee Protection Regime
Abstract Interdiction policies by countries such as the U.S. and Australia are embedded in these states' perception of their obligations to asylum seekers as strictly territorially bound. With the aim of limiting asylum seekers access to protection...
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To Deter and Deny: Australia and the Interdiction of Asylum Seekers
Abstract The paper provides an overview of the development and implementation of Australia's comprehensive 'border protection' policy, including the Pacific Solution and Operation Relex--the interdiction of asylum seekers. The intention of the paper...
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