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Articles from Vol. 51, No. 3, Autumn

A Chaos of Science
Many of the copious studies on sixteenth-century France published over the last two years reconsider science in light of the fine arts and literature. Why and how the world was observed with assertive curiosity and sudden intensity are questions studied...
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Christian Pessimism on the Walls of the Vatican Galleria Delle Carte Geografiche
A recent addition to the series Mirabilia Italiae has made the riches of the Vatican Galleria delle carte geografiche much more accessible than they were hitherto.(1) The Galleria, a vast, vaulted corridor, one hundred twenty meters long by six meters...
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Circa 1600: Spanish Values and Tuscan Painting
In the years 1599-1604, Grand Duke Ferdinando I de'Medici ordered state gifts of contemporary Florentine paintings for three influential Spanish noblewomen (Catalina de la Cerda, Marquesa de Denia; Magdalena de Guzman, Marquesa del Valle; and Maria de...
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Luisa De Carvajal's Counter-Reformation Journey to Selfhood (1566-1614)
Over the last fifty years, the usefulness of the terms "Reformation and Counter Reformation has been examined by historians, who point to the over-simplification inherent in the words' explicit binary opposition.(1) The need to reconsider these two denominators...
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Ptolemy and Strabo and Their Conversation with Appeles and Protogenes: Cosmography and Painting in Raphael's 'School of Athens.'
Writing only forty years after the completion of the so-called School of Athens [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] for the private library of Julius II, now known as the Stanza della Segnatura, Giorgio Vasari outlined the main features of this large...
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Taming Anger's Daughters: New Treatment for Emotional Problems in Renaissance Spain
Few theological issues troubled Church fathers more deeply than the question of whether the source of sin lay in the body or in the soul. Early desert monks like Anthony and John Climacus seemed to suspect that it was the flesh that initially disturbed...
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Titian's Pastoral Scene: A Unique Rendition of Lot and His Daughters
Titian's drawing called Pastoral Scene or Landscape with a Sleeping Nude and Animals ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]; see appendix, p. 845 for subsequent figures)(1) is no ordinary landscape, its unordinariness underscored by an unusual combination...
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Women and the Early Modern Canon: Recent Editions of Works by English Women, 1500-1660
One of the most dramatic changes in Renaissance studies over the past ten or fifteen years has been the reshaping of the canon to include works by women writers who had been neglected for many years. Virginia Woolf's famous elegy for the missing works...
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