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Articles from Vol. 58, No. 1, Spring

Books Received
EDITIONS AND TRANSLATIONS Aubigne, Agrippa d'. Petites oeuvres meslees suivies de Receueil de vers de Monsieur d'Ayre. Vol. 1, CEuvres completes. Textes de la Renaissance 79. Ed. Veronique Ferrer. Paris: Honore Champion Editeur, 2004. 622 pp. index....
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Hercules and Albrecht Durer's das Meerwunder in a Chantbook from Renaissance Spain*
Among the many classical and pagan subjects that proliferated in the secular and religious arts of late-Medieval and Renaissance Spain, few can rival the popularity of Hercules. (1) His likeness appears throughout the Iberian Peninsula on the facades...
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Principles and Practice in the Civic Government of Fifteenth-Century Genoa*
Fifteenth-century Genoa was notorious for its political instability--a reputation it has maintained with historians. For their contemporaries, the conventional description of the Genoese was that they were individualists, traders and seamen whose devotion...
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The Role of Letters in Biographies of Michelangelo*
Michelangelo's biographers have always recognized the importance of obtaining firsthand testimony from the "vivo oraculo." (1) In his 1553 biography Condivi (1525-74) drew extensively on his personal friendship with Michelangelo. Subsequently Vasari...
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Wherefore Art Thou Tereu? Juliet and the Legacy of Rape
1. THE BALCONY To take Juliet's "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" as a practical question about location is a notorious and vulgar error. Yet her next question might justifiably be, "Wherefore art thou where thou art?" That is the distinct implication...
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