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Articles from Vol. 58, No. 2, Summer

A Spectacular Celebration of the Assumption in Siena*
Crowning the vault above the altar of the Siena Baptistery is the Assumption of the Virgin (figs. 1, 2) painted ca. 1450 by Lorenzo di Pietro, better known as Vecchietta (1410-80). Why is this scene placed where many Italian baptisteries would feature...
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Books Received
EDITIONS AND TRANSLATIONS: Beroalde de Verville, Francois. Le Moyen de parvenir. 2 vols. Textes de la Renaissance 94. Eds. Helene Moreau and Andre Tournon. Paris: Honore Champion Editeur, 2004. 496; 322 pp. index. illus. [euro]43; [euro]76. ISBN:...
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For "Honor and Profit": Benvenuto Cellini's Medal of Clement VII and His Competition with Giovanni Bernardi*
Competitions were a salient, even defining, feature of Italian Renaissance art. Yet general studies of these tests of skill are surprisingly few, and there has been little analysis of their structures and codes of behavior. (1) Rich material for such...
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Thomas Wyatt in Italy*
Travelling down the Thames at New Year 1527, Thomas Wyatt met Sir John Russell (ca. 1485-1555). Asking where Russell was going, and hearing that he had been sent by Henry VIII (1509-47) in embassy to the pope, Wyatt answered, "I ... if you please,...
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Visitors, Display, and Reception in the Antiquity Collections of Late-Renaissance Rome*
The elaborate and spectacular collections of antiquities developed in Renaissance Rome were a feature of the city that contemporary observers recognized as distinctive, characteristic, and hence worthy of their attention. Sixteenth-century guidebooks...
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