Renaissance Quarterly

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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 2, Summer

Ideal Men: Masculinity and Decline in Seventeenth-Century Spain
1. INTRODUCTION In a sermon preached in 1635 in Baena, the Dominican Francisco de Leon makes a series of startling statements about the men of his day. "Where are there men in Spain?" he queries angrily. "What I see are effeminate men ... I see...
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Preaching Magnificence in Renaissance Florence
1. INTRODUCTION Sant' Antonino Pierozzi (1389-1459)--Dominican Friar, reformer, author of a monumental, influential, and widely circulated Summa Theologica, friend and critic of the powerful Medici family--begins the sermon he preached on his accession...
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Printing Ritual: The Performance of Community in Christopher Plantin's la Joyeuse & Magnifique Entree De Monseigneur Francoys ... d'Anjou
1. INTRODUCTION In April 1582, the Antwerp publisher Christopher Plantin (1514-89) produced an elaborate folio illustrated with twenty-one etchings and engravings in order to commemorate the blijde inkomst (joyous entry) of Hercule Francois de Valois,...
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The Pursuit of Art and Pleasure in the Secret Grotto of Wilhelm V of Bavaria
1. INTRODUCTION Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria (r. 1579-97) abdicated in favor of his son Maximilian (1573-1651) in 1597, leaving behind a mountain of debt, but also a legacy of extravagant art patronage. Under Wilhelm's reign, the capital city of Munich...
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