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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 4, Winter

Annibal Caro's After-Dinner Speech (1536) and the Question of Titian as Vesalius's Illustrator
1. Introduction Titian is often regarded as the designer behind anatomical illustrations for Andreas Vesalius's renowned studies, an opinion propounded by writers of medical history as well as art history. However, one early sixteenth-century source,...
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Exercise for Mind and Body: Giulio Mancini, Collecting, and the Beholding of Landscape Painting in the Seventeenth Century
1. INTRODUCTION Among the myriad remedies for melancholy enumerated by the English polymath and clergyman Robert Burton (1577-1640) in his Anatomy of Melancholy of 1621 are visits to the picture galleries of Roman cardinals, "richly stored with...
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Hydraulic Engineering and the Study of Antiquity: Rome, 1557-70
1. INTRODUCTION Recent scholarship has emphasized a growing association in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries between technology and engineering on the one hand, and the humanist study of antiquity on the other. (1) The ways in which humanists...
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Making the Irish European: Gaelic Honor Politics and Its Continental Contexts
1. INTRODUCTION The historiography of early modern Ireland rests largely upon two commonplaces: one, that the early seventeenth century saw the collapse of the Gaelic political order and, two, that encounters with Continental Europe allowed the...
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